Friday, March 25, 2011

Those Summer Nights...

...well, almost summer nights.  I guess we need to get through the Spring nights first!  As I type this I'm sitting on my back porch and the temperature is perfect.  It's probably about 70 degrees out and no humidity.  The sun is just about to set for the night and I have a wide open view of the big Texas sky.  I have a few citronella candles burning and the house is quiet.  It's rare that I get these moments. (cue the 2 dogs barking next door and Highway 114 traffic noise)

Our patio isn't very big and it gets the afternoon blaring sun, but on nights like this it's the perfect getaway for me.  When it's cold out we have a big firepit that we get going and I could sit out here for hours.  It's a good place to talk and for some reason, sitting around a fire brings out the chattiness in people, including me. Even with the shortcomings of our back patio it has been my "go to" place to reflect on the awesomeness of God.  I have an unobstructed view of the western sky and at times it is breathtaking.  When I see the beautiful cloud formations and the various colors of pink, orange, blue, purple, gray and black all come together to create a masterpiece of priceless beauty, how can I not think of the Creator of the universe?!  I mean, really.  It's nothing man could ever make but yet the Creator of all of our universe and the Creator of me, chooses to continue to woo me with  the beauty of His creation.  I find myself slowing down everyday life and taking the time to remember that this world is not our home.  All of the "stuff" and problems, etc that we tend to think control our lives are nothing when eternity is what we're truly striving for.  Eternity.  Do you ever think about it or is it another happy ending to a story you've heard all of your life?  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my eternity will be with my heavenly Father and all of the things of this world will mean nothing when I stand, or face plant it, at His throne one day. Now  I have to make sure that there are many more people who will join me in my face planting moment!

Oh, and one thing I can't wait to see is what a summer night sky looks like on the other side one day and in a sky much bigger than the Texas sky :)  But in the meantime maybe we can get together and hang out on our small backporch and listen to the barking dogs and traffic noise.

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