Monday, April 25, 2011

A Lost Art

Snapshots of the day:

 The lost art of letter writing. How many of you actually write out letters anymore?  Don't most of us just send an email or a text message? Truthfully, that is how I mostly communicate with friends and family but there are a few special people who get actual hand-written letters from me :) If you haven't sent a personal card or written a letter to someone in a while, dust off pen and paper and give it a try!

Who knew about strawberry marshmallows and didn't tell me?!  I didn't even realize they existed until reading on this recipe the other day.  My daughter had pointed out pink marshmallows before but I thought it was just a colored marshmallow, not flavored!  They're pretty good if you like marshmallows!  To add Nutella to the mix only sweetens the deal.  

So, go in, write me a letter and then mail me some chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows, k?!

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