Monday, April 18, 2011

My Gadgets

Seeing as I have started a blog on gadgets & coffee (a name that was in the running for this blog!) I thought I'd show you what tech gadgets I use every day.  I'm thankful for what I have.  It may not seem like much to most or it may seem like most to some (huh?!) but for it all I am thankful.

Probably the one thing that is in my hand first thing in the morning until I get in bed to go to sleep is my phone.  I currently have an HTC Hero which is run on the Android platform.  I got a Hero about a year ago, had it for a few weeks and took it back to get another Blackberry.  My daughter Alix also got the Hero and kept hers until a  couple of months ago when we switched phones.  She now has the Blackberry and I have the Hero.  We're chicks. We can change our minds.

Android is my drug phone of choice mostly because the wireless phone company we use doesn't have the iPhone.  That's ok, though.  I like Android and can get my Apple fix by using another device that I hope to get someday.

The next thing that probably gets most of my attention is my laptop.  I currently have a 17" HP Entertainment PC.  I've had it about a year and although it is a very large laptop I like that my screen isn't cramped.  It's an "okay" laptop. It'll do for now.  It's not one I could easily carry around although I do have a lovely green Vera Bradley laptop case for it :)  I hardly ever use a desktop computer anymore. When I sit down at the desktop it's like I've forgotten how to use one!  The mouse is foreign again and although we have a nice flatscreen monitor, it still has an odd feel and look to it.  I do enjoy having a laptop and the versatility of being able to use it in the living room or kitchen or wherever I choose to take it along with me.

The last thing I have that I use daily is a new little laptop/netbook thing that I got for free from Google.  It's a prototype of something they're working on so they sent out thousands of these laptops for free to people who were willing to test them out and provide feedback.  I was really surprised that I actually got one!  I signed up for it before Thanksgiving and didn't get it until the end of January or first of February.  It's a lot smaller than my laptop (see it sitting on top of my larger HP in the pic) but it's very easy to carry around, almost like a tablet size.  The concept of this little laptop is rather interesting and is something that I think will gain a lot of popularity once it's released if it is promoted correctly.  With the sudden, gaining popularity of the tablets I'm hoping that this laptop jumps into the market easily. There are numerous things that I like about this Google laptop (code name cr-48).  I plan on doing a little blog piece about it soon, if not the next one that I write.  I have to try to figure out how to explain "cloud based computing" so as to get you excited about the idea!  For now just know that the biggest perk about this laptop is that the battery lasts for hours in constant use and if in minimal use and on standby it lasts for days!  If I unplug my HP laptop to use via battery I'm lucky to get 2 hours out of the battery. And my cellphone doesn't even last for days on standby!  Great little laptop, IMO.

It's Saturday and here I sit at my laptop.  Hubs is playing "roofing contractor" after our recent hail storm and both daughters are gone for the day.  I guess I'll try to find something constructive to do in the meantime!

Take time to be thankful today :)

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