Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Free Android App a Day!

Showing some more Android App love today by sharing something I mentioned on facebook the other day.  Amazon now has and Android AppStore.  You can look for apps on the website and have them downloaded to your phone or you can use the downloadable Android AppStore on your handheld device.  When you visit the site on your home computer you'll notice in the upper right corner that you need to download the app to your phone. (must be a registered Amazon member first, but who isn't these days?!)
When you enter your email address, open the email on your phone and click the link in the email for the download. Once you've downloaded the app you can then choose whether to look for apps on your phone or on the computer.  If I'm at home I usually look on the computer and then download them to my phone, that way I'm not using precious battery time looking for apps.  
What caught my attention to the Amazon AppStore to download is that they offer one free app a day.  These are apps that are normally purchased anywhere from 99 cents and above but for a day it's offered for free.  The app store has only been up and running for a couple of weeks but so far, they've had some pretty decent free apps. Several of the apps have been games, which I'm not a game playing app user, but if they're free.The big game that kicked off the appstore download is Angry Birds Rio.  I have played Angry Birds and although it seems annoyingly popular, it is kind of addicting at times!  I have an older Android phone so it doesn't play as well as some of the newer phones but it's still fun nonetheless!   I'll download the games and put them on my SD card so maybe someday, someone will play with it! 

Some of my favorite free downloads so far:

1.  SoundHound Infinity - if you've ever heard of Shazam, Soundhound is a lot like it only better!  Let's say you hear a song on the radio or on TV or at the store and you want to know who it is and what the song is, you open up Soundhound, touch the "Tap Here" and let your phone "listen" to the song. After a few seconds all of the info about the song appears and you can find out who's singing or what the name of the song is, etc.  The one cool thing that SoundHound does that Shazam doesn't is to allow you to hum or sing a song and it tries to tell you what song it thinks it is!  I haven't tried it yet but when I do, I'll let you know how it does!  Actually, I'll probably end up doing a little blog blurb about the app because there's soooo much that it offers.  You can get a free version of SoundHound, too, but the one with the "infinity" symbol is a paid app and it was one of the free apps they offered.  

2.  WeatherBug elite is another one that was a freebie.  I was using WeatherBug lite, the free version, and really like it so I was happy to see that the upgraded version was available for free.  What I like the most about it is that if you choose to, you can have the current temperature displayed up in your status bar so it's easily obtainable.  The app has good weather alert notifications, good graphics, etc.  I really like this weather app.
3.  Finally, one of the fun ones that was free the other day is Talking Tom Cat...the cat that says everything you do.  My mom and dad introduced us to this free app and we all got a kick out of hearing it repeat everything we said!  The paid-for version has some "extras" that aren't available in the lite version.  It's a fun little app and makes everyone smile whenever it's on :)
Those are just a few of the free apps I've downloaded from Amazon AppStore.  I do encourage you to get the app on your phone and check out the free app each day.  The app also has notifications if there are upgrades to the apps, all in the same window as the daily free app to download.  I'm not sure if you sign up today or after if the previous free apps are available to you or not, or if they were only available the specific day they came out.  If you are able to download them can you leave me a comment so I can pass that information on to others?  Thanks!

Well, enjoy your free apps if you decide to take the Amazon AppStore plunge!  

Have an appy day!

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